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ONCE in your lifetime you will be offered a unique GENUINE opportunity to change the life of yourself, family and others for the better. This is this opportunity!

J4K has changed my life (and fellow J4K coaches) to a level I could never have dreamed of, and can do for you also! So come and make a fantastic living for yourself and family with genuine friends within the J4K organisation. We are ready to welcome you, as a friend, to our International team and have that dream goalkeeper coaching job.

Please Note: Earnings can vary from area to area and depends on the effort that you
put into your coaching.

J4K is now in 30 Countries, 5 Continents and over 10,000 students trust our coaching each and every week!

When You Join Just4keepers, We Will Give You Our Proven System That Has Been Independently Valued At Over $20,000

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Goalkeeper Store

When you join Just4keepers we set you up with your OWN goalkeeper brand and your own glove website.

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Total Goalkeeping

When you join Just4keepers we set you up with your OWN goalkeeper coaches website, which you control fully.

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When you join J4k we set you up with a PROVEN system that has been tried and tested for nearly 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the FAQ below AND subscribe for free to read why most goalkeeper coaches will sadly find themselves out of work in the near future!

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to note that ALL coaches helping you within J4K have WALK their TALK and are still achieving success to this day. Similar organisations to J4K CANNOT guarantee this important PROVEN support.

You only have to see how many coaches J4K has in the many many countries to see we are doing something right! But like anything in life, its all about the effort that you put in. It is not an accident that the most successful coaches in Just4keepers all work very hard.

Our support is second to none for our coaches. Not only will we give you the shortcut to success through our proven system, we are there to help you step by step. however instead of taking our word for it, please make sure you read the J4K coaches testimonies below.

There is NO fee to join J4K and there is also NO contract, so Just4keepers will NEVER tie you into a long contract like others do.

Please Note: There is a very small monthly payment to cover the cost of your Just4keepers system. This system consists of your own goalkeeper coaching website, your own goalkeeper glove website and a tried and tested PROVEN system that will show you how to build a big goalkeeper school in your area, no matter how much competition is local to you.

This system has been independently valued at over $20,000 and has taken Just4keepers nearly 20 years to master, and you get access to this system as soon as you join Just4keepers.

Definitely Not. The beauty about J4K is, it is 100% YOUR business, you set the hours and days you work. So you have the benefit of being your own boss but you will have an International team of coaches who have a PROVEN TRACK record in building BIG GK Schools to help and assist you.

With other similar coaching organisations, remember you are building THEIR brand and making these guys rich. But with J4K it is 100% YOUR business, so any effort you put in YOU and your family reap the rewards.

Most coaches who have joined J4K at one time already had their own GK schools going, however, they realized the importance of being part of an International team. Not only to tap into our collective goalkeeping knowledge but to also tap into our International contact base.

Most goalkeepers and parents are now educated and want to be a part of a GK school that can offer them career opportunities, either to get scholarships or trials with professional clubs. If you cannot offer this and a competitor opens in your area who can offer these services for their students you will be in big trouble. So coaches also join J4K because of our PROVEN track record in helping goalkeeper coaches succeed.

And lastly credibility. Even if you have a great name as a GK coach but you are only based locally in your area, this limits you as a coach. But if you join J4K, you become part of an International team, so you go from being a local GK Schools, to an International GK Schools with International connections. It does not matter who you are, this adds serious credibility to you, your GK Schools and your CV.

Most goalkeeper coaches trade their time for money, which is a very very dangerous situation to be in financially for yourself and your family. In Just4keepers, we are very entrepreneurial and we will also show you ther important income streams to put in place, so you will be financially ready when your sell-by date comes.

Most goalkeeper coaches, will not have a clue about these aditional income streams. But we will show you.

If you are a GK coach with few or no contacts, just getting going and or have not got much GK coaching experience who is struggling to compete with competition in your area, J4K could be your ONLY chance of success.

Over the years we have personally helped many inexperienced goalkeeper coaches not only compete with an established GK school in their area but actually overtake them! This is because of the unique system we have in place and also the huge presence we have online. (we have over 250,000 hits every week to our websites. It also helps that any Gk coach who joins us instantly becomes an International GK coach and is tapped into our International contacts.

If you listen and more importantly ACT on our advice, it will not matter what competition is in your area, our system cannot be rivaled.

You do not get anything in life without hard work and building your J4K business will be no different. But once you have put the foundations in place, this business becomes very easy to run.

If I knew you personally and I knew you would put in the effort, I would be confident and say yes! I have seen so many GK coaches positively change their lives through J4K that I believe we can help any GK coach who joins J4K along as they listen to our advice and work hard.
Ideally yes you do and this is why most independent coaching schools fail, because of the lack of sound business knowledge.

However by teaming up with J4K we will help you kick start your business because of our easy to follow PROVEN business system. Plus you have a fantastic support system in place if you get stuck! Even if you have a lot of competition in your area, do not worry, we can very comfortably help you compete!

The youngest coach J4K will take is 22 years old but we will take on a younger coach if they can prove they have the maturity. For the older coaches, as long as you can prove you can do the goalkeeper drills yourself we will be happy for you to join J4K.
For the correct candidate this is something that we can very easily help you with, as you will be getting all our training blue prints plus the opportunity to watch present J4K coaches in action.

However we stress that if you join J4K and you have no qualifications you have to agree to work towards getting the correct GK qualifications in place.

Definitely not! This is because the transition from professional level to grassroot level for many keepers who have played the game professionally is too much. The minority will achieve this but most ex professional goalkeepers end up coaching for professional clubs, or professional club academies, which I believe is the best option for most ex professionals.

However if you are humble enough to learn, you can earn potentially double, treble (even more) the wage a coach earns at a professional club.

The great thing about J4K and our system is that it is designed to work around what you are currently doing, so it will not interfere. So you can build up your J4K business until your in a position to quit your job. Many many j4K coaches have done this.
No, in J4K we want leaders. We are not one of these organisations that will force you into doing things you do not believe in. We will give you all our blue prints and proven marketing materiasl that has helped our coaches become a success. We want you to express yourself and bring your own personality into J4K. Remember its will be YOUR business!
  1. Email your playing and coaching experiences
  2. If selected come and have a meeting with us. (This can be face to face or via Skype.)
  3. After our meet, having answered hopefully all your questions and showed you our bank statements to prove we earn the income we state, we will then email you the J4K 12 page prospectus.
  4. If you like what you see and we like what we see and more importantly we feel there is mutual trust, we then send you the paperwork through the post for you to look at, at your leisure. You are also welcome to take this paperwork to your lawyer as we are a 100% confident they will like what they see. Also for some coaches you will also have to forward J4K two references from people in authority to verify your ethics, character and ability as a GK coach.
  5. Once you are 100% happy J4K is for you, you simply sign and return the forms.
  6. You then come for your FREE training day and get ready for a successful career in J4K. (We can also do training over Skype.)

If you are a goalkeeper coach that wants to make an impact on goalkeepers lives in your area, you are willing to put in the hard work, are a team player and willing to invest in yourself, Just4keepers will be for you.

If you are a goalkeeper coach who will not invest in your own business, who blames others for your failures, is not honest and trustworthy, and does not have a solid work ethic, Just4keepers will not be for you.

It really depends how fast you want to move so the ball is ALWAYS in court. But within 48 hours of you joining just4keepers, we will have you set up with your own goalkeeper coaching website, your own goalkeeper glove website and plugged you into a system that has been independently valued at over $20,000 that will give you our tried and tested proven formula on how to become a success in your own goalkeeper coaching business, no matter what competition might be in your area. We also guarantee no goalkeeper coach outside of Just4keepers will have a proven system like what we will give you, thus giving you the edge.

Contact Just4keepers today to find out how we can help you.


Read what the J4K coaches say about Just4keepers! We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

I have been with J4K for one year now, having celebrated the first anniversary this month. As I build my J4K goalkeeping business, none of it would be possible without the support of Ray as the CEO. He is always available to answer any questions, whether via email or regular Skype sessions, but the one thing that REALLY helps a J4K coach is the other coaches in the J4K family. Usually there is competition between clubs, coaches, and organizations who “take from the same pot”, wanting to keep what they do secretive and unwilling to share what they do. J4K coaches are the antithesis of this, as all under the J4K umbrella offer guidance to others based on their own experiences to help each J4K coach achieve individual success. This is something special, something that you rarely find in global organizations, and certainly you cannot find in a comparable soccer organization. Growth is a shared experience, and is celebrated as a community. One J4K coach’s success is another J4K coach’s road map to achieving the same. I’m honored to be a part of this family.
Adrian Clewlow, J4K Central Virgina
Before Just4keepers I was working full time with a professional football club where I was not making enough money and being sent to a different place every day.

Now I am a goalkeeper coach for Just4keepers and I work part time hours that suit me and earn a full time wage. Just4Keepers and Ray are always thinking of new ways in which to help all the J4K coaches. Plus they gave me all the tools, experience and knowledge I needed to set up my J4K goalkeeping schools. I know I have Ray’s full support on any matter whenever I need it, also there are many other J4K coaches who are there to help.

I have only been with J4K for 8 months but I am now making more money than I ever have, plus I am my own boss.

Lewis Bishop
I just personally wanted to thank You, Paula and everyone involved with J4K for absolutely everything you have done for me in the last 2 yrs.. I have this week got a new session up and Running in my area which has smashed me through the 100 Gk Mark.. This has always been a target of mine and at times has seemed very distant but with your help mate we are not only there but beyond!!.. I strongly believe in a high quality of coaching perhaps I sometimes push for too much perfection but I really believe we have a great balance right now between quantity of Gk’s and Quality of sessions.

Thanks Ray

Hi Ray

I want to thank you for giving me and Cape Town the opportunity to have the Just4Keepers franchise here in Cape town, the help and advice you’ve given has been invaluable getting set up and all your support and words of encouragement has carried my family and i I through a very difficult period in our lives.

All the other Coaches of the J4K global family always tell me to continue to speak to you, “THE GURU”, and believe you me, every piece of information from you takes my Business to another level. To start a Business without a cent and to be where i am is quite an achievement.

I am indebted to you and The Just4Keepers brand, i owe you my life and i am proud to say that you are my Friend.


Pernell Mckop, Owner Just4Keepers Cape Town
Ray & Just4keepers have been excellent for me. Being in the watershed of my professional football/goalkeeping career, I decided to get into the J4K family to further my career in coaching whilst being Oxford United 1st GK coach. Fellow professional goalkeeper Neil Cutler recommended me to join J4K & I have to be honest when I say this, It’s been an excellent year for myself & my family. We have over 60 keepers in my 3 schools in Southampton, Oxford & Eastleigh. Now I’m opening 2 more schools in Portsmouth & Basingstoke. (Can’t wait). These should start in March. Also Isle of Wight in April.

Ray also helped me start my own online goalkeeper shop www.planetkeepers.co.uk. This has been running a few months now and is also ticking over nicely thanks to his help.

Ray is a great guy to work for. Helpful, knowledgeable, enthusiastic & a top business man. He & his wife Paula make a great team which gives this company a real family feel.

I strongly Recommend others to follow and join the J4k family.

Here’s to another productive year for all. Cheers & thanks for all your help.

Wayne Brown, J4K Oxford
Just4Keepers helped me develop an International Goalkeeping Academy in the space of 6 months! As soon as I spoke to Ray I knew J4K was for me. From the moment I joined they put a plan in place for me to succeed, helping me step by step along the way.

I can 100% say that without the backing of Just4Keepers I would never be where I am today. Within a year of joining J4K I have coached over 200 different Goalkeepers in my area.

Gavin McInerney, Just4keepers NY
Since Starting J4K in Pennsylvania USA in 2010, we have received SO MUCH help from Ray, Paula and the rest of the J4K coaches spread around the world.

Being part of an International Coaching Organization was THE biggest reason why we joined Just 4 Keepers. We could have tried to start our own program, but we would not have received as much help starting off as we did through Ray and the rest of the coaches. These guys have been in the position we were when we started, they were able to point us in the right direction, what to avoid and what worked best in terms of getting ourselves established. Even though we are thousands of miles away from Ray, we are a phone call, email or Skype chat away from being shown the right way to build our OWN J4K program!

As J4K begins to grow in the USA, any coach thinking of starting their own Academy should STOP, talk to J4K, and see how being part of an international group of coaches, in 16 countries with 5000 keepers per week, can help make your dreams become a reality. Just 4 Keepers is a world renowned brand and extremely well respected program, you CANNOT go wrong by becoming a Just4Keepers Coach!

Simon Robinson & Joe Weiss, Just4Keepers of East Pennsylvania, USA
When I was a professional I was always asked to start getting my coaching badges and my answer was always the same, I never wanted to be a coach! However I come across Ray and J4K. After a meeting with Ray my mind was made up and I embarked on my Gk coaching pathway.

The support I received from Ray and Paula was tremendous while starting off and from 2 weeks with 1 GK, 7 years on I now coach over 85 GK’s a week, I have been a Professional GK coach with Darlington FC, I am a Uefa B qualified coach and STILL receive all the support you could ask for from not only Ray and Paula but now the many J4K coaches worldwide.

We have become the biggest GK company in the world and without a strong foundation set from the beginning from Ray and Paula all of the J4K coaches would still be your average bag and ball coach! I mean who else can promote sessions all over the world, have their own glove brand, clothing range and provide a Residential second to none!!!

Thanks mate for all your help Ray

Jim Provett, J4K North East
Ray is tireless in his efforts to help and guide his directors to success. If you are not succeeding with J4K, you need to look in the mirror because the support structure is second to none. He works directly with you to solve problems based on experience and success. If Ray doesn’t have an answer, you can be sure he will rally troops to put you in touch with a coach who has a proven solution.

J4K is a truly collaborative organization where everyone pitches in and is heard. It’s a great way to either grow your student base, or as I did, get a jump start in a new state. Whether it is on the field with equipment or training plans or off the field marketing your school, all the tools you need to grow at your pace are at your disposal. Plus, you get instant credibility being part of a group with proven success.

Paul Fleck, J4K North Jersey
HI Ray, Just a quick email to say thanks for your support at the start of the season. I will be honest and say that i did panic a little when i found out that competition was starting in my area, as well as a pro club starting their own goalkeeper school. But Alex and I now have over 250 keepers a week and have a waiting lists at half of our venues! Rather than losing numbers as expected the work that we did together over the last few months has meant that our numbers have continued to rise and the sessions are now buzzing!

After speaking with you we just got on with using the J4K marketing techniques that worked in the past and it gave us extra drive. I cant thank you enough, and it has made me realise, as you said, that competition in business can be good as the cream always rises to the top!

Andy Woodcock, Kent, UK

“I can 100% say that without the backing of Just4Keepers I would never be where I am today.”

Just4Keepers helped me develop an International Goalkeeping Academy in the space of 6 months! As soon as I spoke to Ray I knew J4K was for me. From the moment I joined they put a plan in place for me to succeed, helping me step by step along the way. Gavin McInerney – Just4keepers NY

Since joining J4k my self belief and confidence has grown massively and this is down to the support of Ray, Paula and other J4k coaches. With the help of J4k and my family J4k Surrey is growing and helping young keepers gain confidence and self belief in their ability as well as learning new things. I wish J4k was in Surrey when I was younger who knows where my playing career could of taken me. I look forward to working with J4k keepers and J4k for many more years to improve young goalkeepers all over the world.
Matt Nash , J4K Surrey
I run since 2010 Just4Keepers in THE Netherlands. Its really great to be part of the biggest goalkeeping organization of the world. Just4Keepers gave me THE chance to work fulltime as à goalkeepercoach. The nicest job on earth!

Ray personally helped me out to set up à lot of things in Holland and is always willing to help everybody! I am very proud to be part of This J4K worldwide team.

Marcel Loer, J4K Netherlands
My name is Igors Labuts, 22 years old from Riga, Latvia. Meeting Ray and Paula Newland has helped me to take a great step in achievement of my dream – to become a professional goalkeeper and a goalkeeping coach.

Cooperation with «Just4Keepers» – a company founded by Mr Newland and providing trainings and equipment for goalkeepers all over the world – contributed to development of my skills in numerous ways.

To start with, I really enyojed trainings provided by one of «Just4Keepers» coaches while being in Ireland. After my return to Latvia, this experience helped me to ensure a position in a team representing the Premiere League of Latvia. Moreover, my own experience within «Just4Keepers» motivated me to become a part of this company and to focus on trainings for young goalkeepers. I am very grateful to Mr. and. Ms. Newland, who supported me a lot in launching «Just4Keepers Latvia» project and continue to support me both with advice and provision of very well and friendly priced equipment needed for my activities.

To sum up, I feel really pleased about fact that there are people, who are not only focused on their own business, but are ready to make effort and help young goalkeepers like me.

Igors Labuts, J4K Latvia
Starting J4K has so far been the most rewarding decision of my career. It was hard work at the start gaining parents and clubs trust but once demonstrating the quality of coaching and word getting around, then more and more keepers attend my sessions every week. It is also brilliant to see how each keeper develops and make new friends whilst at the sessions helping each other out as a goalkeeper and within a social group of mixed ages.

I now earn a full time income with J4K not only through the coaching but also through the quality J4K goalkeeping equipment that I sell. I now coach around 100 keepers every week with numbers continuing to grow, and this after only 2 years of being a J4K goalkeeper coach.

I could not of done this without the help of Ray, who has always given great advice and is willing to share all his and other J4K coaches ideas to make sure we can not only be the best coaches but also the best businessmen we can be.

I hope to continue to grow J4K south west long into the future and with the continued backing of all involved in J4K there’s no reason why I wouldn’t be able to hit my 200 keeper target!

James Cope, J4K South West
Ray – Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you have done in support of me and J4K of Northern VA. As I crest the 1 year in business mark I can say wholeheartedly I’d not have made the progress and experienced the success thus far without you’re tireless support and work. Starting with the videos to the J4K gear, you have done a fantastic job setting the stage and getting the framework in place for all the coaches to run a successful operation. I appreciate the consistent and encouraging words whenever I have had a question or concern. Not only has it been great to know you’re there to provide assistance, but also have the great relationship with the other J4K USA coaches is a huge benefit as well. It was fantastic meeting you this past summer at the ID camp and I’m looking forward to seeing you again this summer!

Once again, thanks for all your help and support. I look forward to working together for years to come!

Larry Dolph, Just4keepers VA
Since joining Just 4 Keepers just over a year ago I have found that i’m enjoying my working life once again and this is thanks to Ray for his help.

Since day one if i have any problems Ray or some of the other lads around my area have been a huge help in pointing me in the right direction to solve any problems that come my way. I would recommend Just 4 Keepers to any new comer as you will be guided in the right direction to become your own successful boss.

At first i found it hard to get myself going as i wasn’t thinking like a business man but as a coach which was soon changed by speaking to other coaches and Ray himself who also made me aware that working together is a massive help as well & since then i have grown in my business & have the confidence to do anything within my coaching as i feel i have the full support of everyone in Just 4 Keepers.

David Rimmer, J4K North Midlands
I have been working with Ray since February 2010 and found him to be reliable, trustworthy, and true to his word.

Ray will go out of his way to help you and support you in your business. He is responsive to new ideas, listens to points of views of others and takes feedback on board in order to improve future dealings.

Ray has worked hard to make sure my business is a success and I am very grateful to him for the work and help he has put in. He has recently also shown that he is willing to repay my trust in him by allowing me to use my areas of expertise to help him, which shows excellent man management and delegation skills.

I would have no hesitation in working with Ray on future projects.

David Evans, J4K Preston
I became a Coach for Just4Keepers in July 2009 and started my first class with 8 kids attending.

I now have 8 classes across Shropshire, Mid and North East Wales and coach approx 60 kids a week.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically and Goalkeeper Coach is my full time role and title and the success of J4K has led me to become a part time GK coach at Shrewsbury Town and, most importantly, I am happy in my work, getting lots of job satisfaction, fresh air and have lost a stone and a half in the process.

Many thanks to Ray and Paula for their help and long may it continue.

Dave Bennet, J4K Shropshire/Mid Wales
After joining J4K I finally feel I am fulfilling my life’s ambitions and use my passion for goalkeeping and helping young aspiring goalkeepers develop to drive me forwards. This process has been made all the more easier because of the dedication and help received from Ray and Paula, from our first meeting up in Liverpool I was made to feel at home and was warmed by the hospitality and honesty that they both showed. It made my decision to join J4K an easy one, if I was to some up J4K I would describe the team as one big family and that is a refreshing change in this day and age.

Its not all been plain sailing but with positive thinking and hard work I am starting to see the benefits, there is no better feeling than when you see your coaching and mentoring start to help and develop young children to become not only better goalkeepers but more importantly better people.

Jason Jamal, J4K North West London
Since joining Just4KeepersI I have been able to enjoy a much better quality of life. I came out of pro-football and I am still playing a high standard of part-time football in the league of Ireland, but I had to work a 9-5 job while trying to compete against full-time players… this was just impossible for me.

Seven months ago I stumbled across J4K and noticed my old mate Ray Newland had been running this for 8 years, so I was straight on the phone to him and two days later I was on a plane going to see him.

After 5 minutes chatting to him, I just wanted to grab some balls and start coaching there and then!

But to be fair to Ray’s integrity, he never let me join J4K there and then, instead he pulled me back and made sure he explained everything in great detail so I was 100% sure that J4K could indeed help me.

I have been involved with J4K for 7 months now and already I have 90 keepers registered, earning me OVER 2000 a month in coaching fee’s alone, (Please Note: This does not include other revenue streams J4K have set up for me!)

So I have to say thanks to Ray and J4K for this opportunity, I intend to make it a continued success for me and my family. And the massive bonus… there is no more 9-5 job for me! (I have resigned!)

Matt Gregg, J4K Dublin
Joining J4K has proven to be a winner for both my own and my families lives. The J4K team are not here for their own benefit.. they are here to help and inspire young keepers to be the best that they can be- and believe me when I say- one of the J4K goalkeepers will go on to play for the national side in years to come.
Scott Healey (Ex-Professional) & Ron Healey (Ex-Irish International)
Hi my name is Riccardo Greco and I am the Just4Keepers Canada representative, I teamed up with Just4Keepers two years ago and I now have a well established and successful school in Canada. This would not have been the case if it was not for founder of Just4Keepers Ray Newland.

Two and a half years ago I stumbled across Just4Keepers on the Internet and from that day on my life has never been the same. I remember my first emails to Ray they were very painful for me since I had no experience with computers so an email could take up to an hour to prepare. I remember asking him if we could talk on the phone and after a few weeks he agreed, that was the day that my family’s life changed forever. After 5 minutes of talking to him, I just wanted to grab some balls and start coaching there and then! But that was not to be Ray kept me on that phone for over a year talking once a week about everything you could imagine. Fourteen months later I was on a plane to England to meet all the J4K Coaches and the founder of Just4Keepers Ray Newland, one week later we put pen to paper and the rest, as they say, is history.

It has not been an easy road creating the foundation in Canada for Just4Keepers, I have had to struggle working a full time job and working J4K in the evenings and weekends. Let me tell you that those were two tough years but I can honestly say that Ray was there every step of the way and trust me that there were some very bumpy roads throughout those two years. Ray showed me the kind of person he is honest, trustworthy and one hell of a businessman, I am happy to say that four months ago I quit my day job and went full time with Just4Keepers and to cap off the new year Ray has helped one of my Canadian boys secure a professional contract with a club in Scotland. So in closing I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray and Paula for all of there never ending support.

Thank you

J4K Director Canada
Riccardo Greco

Riccardo Greco
Hi my name is Ross Harrower and i am the just4keepersScotland representative.

I teamed up with just4keepers last year and i know have a very well established and successful academy in Scotland.

This would not have been the case if it was not for founder of just4keepers Ray Newland.

The knowledge and experience of running a huge goalkeeping academy was clear when i first met Ray. A very honest and down to earth person who simply has a passion in goalkeeper coaching and loves to help people be very successful.

The support i have received from day one has been excellent. Always there to encourage you and advise you in every possible way, whether it be an email, phone call, letter or meeting.

Joining just4keepers has proved to be life changing for myself and family.

Dave Felgate
Joining J4K, looking back, has got to be one of the biggest and best decisions I’ve ever made. Myself and Ray sat down on many occasions, had many phone conversations, and shared the odd pint. At the time I got on board I had a full time job, accommodation etc, and leaving all that was going to be a massive step. Ray assured me that the support network within J4K would make sure the change and transition as smooth as possible.

At first i was skeptical, but he was right and very true to his word. My first month or so were an eye opener to say the least, problems with venues, weather, cars, you name it it went wrong, but with my ‘never say die’ attitude and Ray, Paula and the others coaches continued support available anytime online or over the phone all problems soon disappeared. Again this continues to this day and everyday spent with J4K. The ethics within the company are second to none.

All coaches have playing experience, are qualified, CRB checked and have the best interests of every single goalkeeper at heart and will go that extra mile for every single child or adult to achieve their potential in the most positive and rewarding way. Negativity has no place in J4K and goalkeeping alike. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see a ‘team’ of goalkeepers working like a well oiled machine, learning and enjoying every minute of it! There’s nothing better than the sounds of encouragement, seeing smiles on faces and hearing laughter on a football pitch…….so much better than the criticism, abusive language and win at all costs attitude that fills the sporting world these days. J4K isn’t just a coaching school, its a positive life education, which will continue to grow and empower people to achieve their potential not only within football and goalkeeping, but life as a whole. Long may it continue and grow.

And Ray…..many thanks again.

Will Smith
Since joining Just 4 Keepers I have had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented children and have enjoyed every hour rain or shine! It has been very rewarding to pass on some of the experience i have gained over my time in football and use a variety of techniques and training methods I have developed along the way. The support from Ray and the people at Just 4 Keepers has helped me every step of the way in starting J4K in my area and continue to keep it moving forward.
James Russell, J4K Hertfordshire
I have been working with Just4keepers for a little over 2 years and in that time I have found dealing with both Ray and Paula an absolute and pleasures. They are both very helpful and professional business people. They are honest and reliable people to work with and they are always happy to help no matter what the problem is. I have been a goalkeeper and a coach working with academy goal keepers , and its safe to say that not only is the J4k coaching methods forward thinking, they make learning the trade of goal keeping fun.

I have used many different types of gloves, but in my opinion the current J4K goal keeping range of gloves and equipment is not only the best quality they also represent the best value for money in today’s market.

I would not hesitate to recommend Just4keepers to any goalkeeper coach.

Mark Kavanagh, J4K Spain
I had been coaching about once a week for about a year before deciding this wasnt enough for me! I decided i want to coach full time, looking around only Just4keepers could offert this to me! With the help of Ray, Paula and the J4K coaches, after 8 months i am now coaching keepers around Suffolk and Colchester between 4-10 hours a week and earning between £800-£1000 per month!! I only wish i had done this before as it is the biggest and best decision i have ever made! By putting in the time, effort and by listening to everything Ray and the coaches tell you, this can be the most rewarding decision you could ever make!

Everything is put in place for you by Just4keepers! Since i have started, it has been organised so each coach now has there own page to edit and blog on the J4K website! You can also open up your own J4K store as well! Everything which J4K does is not aimed at J4K, it is aimed at helping the coaches make a life for themselves doing something they love!

Everything is done at your own pace and there is no pressure put on you to commit to anything unless you are 110% sure! Everything is made as easy and simple for you as it can be! I am really looking forward to the next few years to watch Just4keepers Suffolk grow and watching the keepers registered with me, improving and developing as goalkeepers!

Kai, J4K Suffolk
I have been working with j4k for 10 months and its the best decision that I have ever made! I am an ex professional goalkeeper who had to finish due to injury and I fell out with but then found myself in a job which made me work away from home week in week out and i was missing out on my son growing up.

I coached a hand full of keepers every Saturday morning but was unable to spend the time to make this a new career. I then come across Ray and Just4keepers. I called Ray and from a 10 minute conversation I knew it was the way forward for me .After following all Rays advice and guidance I now coach over 50 keepers spread over 3 venues every week and I am opening my 4th venue this month. But the best bit J4K has enabled me to change jobs so I now work closer to home. I am sure if I can keep growing as I have this year i will soon be making enough money to solely focus on my coaching.

I am now as happy if not happier than when I was playing as now I just get all the fun bits and feel as if I am giving something back to the young keepers. I could not have done what I have achieved in the small space of time without the help and guidance from Ray and all the other coaches within the J4k network. Also Paula is a massive help when it come’s to the gloves and clothing which also helps get new students a make’s you a bit more money in the process.

Paul Heritage, North Sheffield
When i first heard about a opportunity to become a goalkeeper coach with just4keepers and have a meeting with Ray about this i was a little bit unsure of how it could work, but after meeting Ray it felt i had known him all my life i just wanted to get out there and coach the youngsters the same day.

Ray showed me the vision he had for j4k and i couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be apart of the j4k team, with Ray and his families guidance and support i now have 2 very successful classes running every week with the view to have even more.

The enjoyment i get from giving something back to the young Goalkeepers in my area gives me tremendous job satisfaction and without Ray and the other coaches of the J4k team this wouldn’t have been possible.

Darren Egerton, J4K North Yorkshire
I have known Ray now for around 5 years, and during this time I have found him to be a very honest genuine guy who will go out his way to offer help guidance and advice where ever he can. His first thoughts are always towards the person he is helping, whether it be to help grow there business or just general life advise!!

He has always given up both time and money to help me where he can and I know I can trust his judgement 100% in Regards the growth of my J4K business.

I look forward to continuing to be not only business partners but also friends for many years to come.

Adam Hobden, J4K Yorkshire
I cannot say enough about Just4Keepers and how it has changed my life! The 0pportunities I have been given since joining J4K continually blow me away! Becoming a part of J4K has been like joining a family that I never knew I wanted much less needed. The support and interaction I get to experience every day motivates me to be a better coach and entrepreneur.

Since joining J4K I have taken part in a massively successful summer camp series, had the honor to coach beside Ray Newland and Jim Leighton, start weekly J4K classes and supply my goalkeepers with top of the line J4K equipment.

I would like to personally thank Ray for allowing me to be a part of the J4K family, for his tireless work ethic in helping me become successful, for having the vision to create a global network of goalkeeping schools and equipment lines that allows us to better serve our keepers in a way no other goalkeeping school can match.

On a personal note, thank you for allowing me to have the best time I have ever had while doing something I love and at the same time giving back to the soccer community!

Sean Wilson, Just4Keepers North Florida
In January 2009 I was referred to Ray Newland at Just4Keepers. After contacting Ray I spoke over the phone a number of times and he invited me to Liverpool so that we could meet and he could explain exactly how J4K works.

After a lot of research and constant contact with Ray I decided to fly to England. Ray and his wife (Paula) welcomed me into their home and were absolutely brilliant. Ray explained how J4K would change my life and that J4K it not just your average coaching company, but is a lifestyle and it would change the course of my life forever. How right he was!

I have spoken to a number of the existing J4K coaches and they have all had the same pleasant experience as myself. The support you get from Ray and Paula is just the beginning, there are 50 other coaches prepared to advise and help whenever you may need it.

I would recommend J4K to any aspiring goalkeeper coach and would confidently say that no other goalkeeping school in the world could compare to J4K.

Shane Nienaber , J4K South Africa (Johannesburg)
My name is Z Lozano, I am a J4K coach in Denver, Colorado. I am originally from the Republic of Panama. I played for the panamanian U-20 National team and Played professional in Costa Rica, Panama and Chile before I moved to the US. While in the US, I decided not to pursue a Professional goalkeeping career but instead went to college were I earned my bachelors in Psychology and then my Masters degree in Sports Science. But never stopped coaching…

I have been coaching goalkeepers for several years. However, I have always found myself balancing a regular job with coaching and honestly it became a bit difficult. But my passion for goalkeeping drove me to search for a better opportunity to be taken serious as a coach in my State and to make a better living as coach. During my search, I found J4K and right away saw J4K as an organization that is known worldwide with professional coaches that know goalkeeping but also J4K is an organization that have a large NETWORK around the world with other coaches and professional clubs. Furthermore, J4K helped me establish myself in Colorado as an respectable coach and a business owner.

In the beginning, it took sometime to get things rolling but one of the things that helped get things going was meeting Ray Newland. Ray has been doing this for years and he can SPOT things that will hurt your business from miles away. He also wrote a business plan and coaching system that I think is BULLET PROOF. I personally followed his advise very CLOSELY and STUDIED his business plan and today I am enjoying a better life. Furthermore, I have never had my own business nor i had the experience owning a business so I was a bit nervous but as I stated before, his business plan is written for you STEP by STEP and there are plenty of ideas that Ray will provide to you to get your business running in no time. I was simply impressed. In my opinion, Ray is honest and he WILL NOT let you fail on this business.

In June 2013, I had my first international goalkeeper camp in Denver, Colorado. Ray Newland was here at this camp and helped me set up this camp the right way but also he brought with him a very special guest, Jim Leighton. Having Jim Leighton was the greatest thing Denver has witnessed. Having both them at our camp made this camp a premier camp in Colorado in 2013 but more important, I can call Jim and Ray my mentors and friends for life.

There are J4K coaches ALL over the world but what is special about this is that I talk to these coaches all over the world on a daily basis. Sometimes we talk to bounce business ideas from each other but sometimes to simply say hello.

On a personal note, I have no regrets, I am simply sorry that I did not do this SOONER. My income has improved and what I am planning to do with RAY’s in the future is going to be huge. But my success in J4K also comes with lots of dedication. If I have a question or have doubts about how I need to approach few aspects of this business, Ray will respond to you within 48 hours. Ray’s support is incredible and because of this, today I am privileged to be known as an international coach.

Z Lozano, J4K Coach in Denver, Colorado
Since deciding to join Just4Keepers Ray and Paula have been of great support to me. The main example of this is whenever I call Ray or Paula they always find the time to speak to me and go through everything that I may need to know. Also the support from the other coaches has been of help. Just emailing and asking for advice from fellow J4K coaches and they get back to you ASAP.

Also the way in which we are encouraged to run J4K is ideal in my opinion. Not being associated with any club is good as the kids are there first and for most to have fun, and if they develop into good keepers it’s a bonus! Everything Ray told me before I put pen to paper has been spot on and he has kept his word on everything.

Ste Watson, (J4K Newcastle)
Although we already ran a goalkeeping school, things just exploded when we joined J4K -using the business and marketing methods in the system, we fill new classes almost as soon as they start – what used to take 4 months we now do in 4 weeks with J4K!
Colin McDonald (Ex-Scotland International)
Before joining Just4Keepers I was running my own Goalkeeping School, which after putting a lot of time, effort and money into it, it never really took off. I only had a small amount of pupils and struggled in advertising in the right places. I spent money on leaflets and advertising but never really got anywhere.

I decided to look on the Internet and came across Just4Keepers and very intrigued by their site. I could still run my own business with the help from others with business experience and also use a national business name.

I called the phone number advertised and arranged an appointment to visit Ray the J4K Founder to discuss my future prospects of working for J4K. I even invited the whole family, including my 2 Year Old Daughter and they made us feel right at home. We discussed all the possible avenues I could go down and I also compared my current Goalkeeper School with J4K, which was quite embarrassing!

After meeting Ray I went back home and decided this would be a great opportunity for me. From sorting all the paperwork side of things out it was only a couple of months before I was up and running properly, my amount of pupils doubled in its first month and I even got loads of free training equipment to get me started. I have been with J4K now about 4 months and things are always getting better. There are lots of team members around the UK with plenty of advice and new ideas to help everyone out. Everybody keeps in contact often so it’s a great feeling knowing you are running your own business with all the support there if you need it and Ray is always available to help with peoples questions if need be.

I am looking forward to a very long a successful business relationship with J4K and my only advise is if anyone is interested to get in while you can before someone else takes your area.

Thanks J4K

Antony Dean
In my time as a Professional Football Player I have know many fly by night Goalkeeping Coaching Schools; the difference between Ray Newland and Just 4 Keepers Goalkeeping School is that Just 4 Keepers is here to stay!

I have known Ray Newland since we played together at Chester City Football Club and have always found him to be honest and reliable with a infectious passion for the game. When Ray approached me to get involved with J4K I didn’t hesitate to join, the ethos behind this coaching school is second to none and is one that I firmly believe in as developing young people’s talents for Goalkeeping is important and well as introducing the element of fun alongside this development.. I have played Professional Football for 20 years and non league football for a further 8 years and have a good reputation and therefore wouldn’t put my name to something I didn’t believe in.

The support I have received from both Ray and Paula, especially the administration side is second to none. Nothing seems to much trouble especially in the beginning when I was starting up in my area. If I had a problem they were only a phone call or email away. This is something that I have found invaluable and have appreciated. I would recommend any young person with an interest in Goalkeeping to come and join J4K, you won’t be disappointed!

Dave Felgate

Ross Harrower Scotland

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