ONCE in your lifetime you will be offered a unique GENUINE opportunity to change the life of yourself, family and others for the better. This is this opportunity!

J4K has changed my life (and fellow J4K coaches) to a level I could never have dreamed of, and can do for you also! So come and make a fantastic living for yourself and family with genuine friends within the J4K organisation. We are ready to welcome you, as a friend, to our International team and have that dream goalkeeper coaching job.

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Please Note: Earnings can vary from area to area and depends on the effort that you put into your coaching.


J4K is now in 28 Countries, 5 Continents and over 5000 students trust our coaching each and every week!

Also check out what other services and revenues we have put in place for our coaches:

Goalkeeper Store

Goalkeeper CV

When you join J4K we set you up with your OWN J4K glove range and also your online GK shop, similar to this one.

Total Goalkeeping


We have invested THOUSANDS to add this additional services for our coaches to utilise and gain financially from!



Taking our coaches into the goalkeeping Digital Revolution!

Please read before you read our FAQ:

With J4K we have a PROVEN history and track record and we can help you earn the income you require because the J4K coaches who will help you, have all succeeded in their own coaching business.

Did you know there are other goalkeeper coaching companies trying to get you to join their organizations but the owners of these companies have NEVER had their own coaching classes, so how can they help you? Well the answer is, they cannot.

These guys do not even coach, they sit in their offices and make money off YOUR efforts.

You need to ask the question of any organization you are thinking about joining, and that is, have the people helping you succeeded in what they are about to teach you. If they say yes, ASK FOR PROOF of what they have personally earned in their own coaching classes. Most will not be able to provide this proof… But with J4K we are proud to say we can provide this proof!



How much money will I make?

You only have to see how many coaches J4K has in the many many countries to see we are doing something right! But each coach is different. We believe we can help any coach achieve their financial goals but we would need to go through this personally with you , if you opt for more information.

Is there support?

Our support is second to none for our coaches. Not only will we give you the shortcut to success through our proven system, we are there to help you step by step. however instead of taking our word for it, please make sure you read the J4K coaches testimonies above.

How much is it to join J4K?

There is NO fee to join J4K.

Am I an employee of J4K?

Definitely Not. The beauty about J4K is, it is 100% YOUR business, you set the hours and days you work. So you have the benefit of being your own boss but you will have an International team of coaches who have a PROVEN TRACK record in building BIG GK Schools to help and assist you.

With other similar coaching organisations, remember you are building THEIR brand and making these guys rich. But with J4K it is 100% YOUR business, so any effort you put in YOU and your family reap the rewards.

 Join my Network Of GK Coaches Worldwide

I have my own goalkeeper coaching schools, why do I need J4K?

Most coaches who have joined J4K at one time already had their own GK schools going, however they realised the importance of being part of an International team. Not only to tap into our collective goalkeeping knowledge but to also tap into our International contact base.

Most goalkeeper students are now educated and want to be a part of a GK school that can offer them career opportunities, either to get scholarships or trials with professional clubs. If you cannot offer this and a competitor opens in your area who can offer these services for their students you will be in big trouble. So coaches also join J4K because of our PROVEN track record in helping our students.

And lastly credibility. Even if you have a great name as a GK coach but you are only based locally in your area, this limits you as a coach. But if you join J4K, you become part of an International team, so you go from being a local GK Schools, to an International GK Schools with International connections. It does not matter who you are, this adds serious credibility to you, your GK Schools and your CV.

What are these additional income streams?

Most GK coaches only think about making money with their coaching fees, however we are very entrepreneurial in J4K and we have several ways how we bring in our income.

Most GK coaches do not think of the things that we have in place but we will show you all our system if you decide to join us.

You are inexperienced or just getting going.

If you are a GK coach with few or no contacts, just getting going and or have not got much GK coaching experience who is struggling to compete with competition, J4K could be your only chance of success.

Over the years we have personally helped many inexperienced goalkeeper coaches not only compete with an established GK school but actually overtake them! This is because of the unique system we have in place and also the huge presence we have online. (we have over 250,000 hits every week to our websites. It also helps that any Gk coach who joins us instantly becomes an International GK coach and is tapped into our International contacts.

Will it be hard work?

You do not get anything in life without hard work and building your J4K business will be no different. But once you have put the foundations in place, this business becomes very easy to run.

Can you guarantee my success?

If I knew you personally and I knew you would put in the effort, I would be confident and say yes! I have seen so many GK coaches positively change their lives through J4K that I believe we can help any GK coach who joins J4K along as they listen to our advice and work hard.

Do I sign an agreement?

Yes, but you only sign when you have seen everything and you are 100% happy J4K is for you. The agreement is not only put in place to protect J4K but it also protects YOU, so you are legally 100% protected and thus making it YOUR J4K business.

Can I leave the J4K agreement?

Like in any agreement, there are clauses that allow you to leave. We also do not want to have a Gk coach involved with us if they are unhappy, as this serves no purpose for the coach or J4K. We also advise any potential coach to take the J4K agreement to their lawyer as we have nothing to hide thus very confident your lawyer will give you the ok.

Do I need business skills?

Ideally yes you do and this is why most independent coaching schools fail, because of the lack of sound business knowledge.

However by teaming up with J4K we will help you kick start your business because of our easy to follow PROVEN business system. Plus you have a fantastic support system in place if you get stuck! Even if you have a lot of competition in your area, do not worry, we can very comfortably help you compete!

Am I too young or too old?

The youngest coach J4K will take is 22 years old but we will take on a younger coach if they can prove they have the maturity. For the older coaches, as long as you can prove you can do the goalkeeper drills yourself we will be happy for you to join J4K.

What if you have no coaching qualifications!

For the correct candidate this is something that we can very easily help you with, as you will be getting all our training blue prints plus the opportunity to watch present J4K coaches in action.

However we stress that if you join J4K and you have no qualifications you have to agree to work towards getting the correct GK qualifications in place.

I was an ex professional goalkeeper does this guarantee me success?

Definitely not! This is because the transition from professional level to grassroot level for many keepers who have played the game professionally is too much. The minority will achieve this but most ex professional goalkeepers end up coaching for professional clubs, or professional club academies, which I believe is the best option for most ex professionals.

However if you are humble enough to learn, you can earn potentially double, treble (even more) the wage a coach earns at a professional club.

Have I got to leave my full time Job?

The great thing about J4K and our system is that it is designed to work around what you are currently doing, so it will not interfere. So you can build up your J4K business until your in a position to quit your job. Many many j4K coaches have done this.

Have I got to do everything that J4K state?

No, in J4K we want leaders. We are not one of these organisations that will force you into doing things you do not believe in. We will give you all our blue prints and proven marketing materiasl that has helped our coaches become a success. We want you to express yourself and bring your own personality into J4K. Remember its will be YOUR business!

What are the steps to get into J4K?

  1. Email your playing and coaching experiences
  2. If selected come and have a meeting with us. (This can be face to face or via Skype.)
  3. After our meet, having answered hopefully all your questions and showed you our bank statements to prove we earn the income we state, we will then email you the J4K 12 page prospectus.
  4. If you like what you see and we like what we see and more importantly we feel there is mutual trust, we then send you the paperwork through the post for you to look at, at your leisure. You are also welcome to take this paperwork to your lawyer as we are a 100% confident they will like what they see. Also for some coaches you will also have to forward J4K two references from people in authority to verify your ethics, character and ability as a GK coach.
  5. Once you are 100% happy J4K is for you, you simply sign and return the forms.
  6. You then come for your FREE training day and get ready for a successful career in J4K. (We can also do training over Skype.)

I want to join J4K when can I start?

It really depends how fast you want to move so the ball is always in your court when you eventually get going as we put NO pressure on you whatsoever. But as a rule of thumb, it takes coaches between 4 – 6 weeks to become part of J4K.

To take this to the next steps, please email me all your playing and coaching experiences to: